Charles Hayes获选“中国商业最具创意人物100”

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Charles Hayes Managing Director, IDEO China
A Design Thinking Coach
What is Design Gym? Is it a design studio, or simply a gym?

Design Gym is a form of quick workshop that IDEO China uses to engage clients in brainstorming and discussion. Keen for more start­ups to enjoy and learn from IDEO designers’ unique skills and way of working, Charles Hayes created start­up and expert in­residence programs where residents have regular access to IDEO’s expertise and way of life in China to intensively brainstorm on solutions to pressing issues.
Charles took the helm of running IDEO in China three years ago. Since last year, he has helped emerging and experienced business leaders of various industries in China to tackle “systemic challenges”.
“Addressing systemic challenges means we use design thinking and innovation methodology to not only design next generation products, but also broaden their application to tackling challenges such as food safety.” Charles says.
Known for its design thinking approach, IDEO in China today is working on challenges directly related to China’s social development: education, food and water safety, transportation, health, new technology and retail. IDEO’s current portfolio of work includes: building an entirely new venture that tackles food safety in China; re­thinking water and air filtering solutions for home and offices.

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